Why Dry Carpet Cleaning is Better for your Floors

With many different methods of carpet cleaning available, how do you choose which one is best? The complaint most people have about carpet cleaning time is how wet it leaves their floors, and the inconvenience it causes – not being able to walk in their home – but what if there was a solution that left floors dry and fluffy almost immediately after cleaning?

“The dry guys” can provide safe, effective, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning that does a variety of things:

  • It thoroughly removes dirt, oils and debris from your carpets without the need for heavy chemicals or saturation.
  • It leaves carpets dry and fluffy just minutes after the process is complete
  • It is completely safe for you, your children and your pets
  • It leaves behind no chemical residue and is non-toxic

How Does it Work?

How does this dry carpet cleaning process work? It’s a revolutionary process that works to get dirt, oil and other debris out of carpets without flooding he area with water and sucking it out again. The HOST carpet cleaning equipment and methods use tiny sponges just like the ones you use in the kitchen to get grease and dirt off of your dishes – only in the case of your carpets, the sponges are a fraction of the size and are discarded after use!

The first step “the dry guys” take when they enter your home is to check for trouble spots. Then your carpet is thoroughly vacuumed to remove any loose surface dirt and debris, and make all of the carpet fibers stand up and separate.

Next we apply the HOST dry cleaner, which is the sponges. We use special HOST equipment to work the sponges down, down, into the carpet fibers, using just the tiniest amount of water to moisten them. This equipment uses counter-rotating brushes to work the sponges around each carpet fiber, collecting dust, dirt and grime as they move top to bottom.

This brushing process is repeated several times, with sponges being worked into the carpet from several different angles to ensure every fiber is completely clean and all debris and grease is collected. The carpet stays dry, because the only moisture added was has been collected by the sponges and used to attract the dirt.

The final step is to vacuum the sponges from the carpet. The floor is left clean, dry and fluffy – almost like the day you bought and installed it!

Using the HOST dry carpet cleaning system is just good sense, as it cleans your carpets without the need for saturation and lengthy drying, and is extremely safe for both people and pets. Make your next carpet cleaning call straight to “the dry guys” and we’ll show you just how great HOST can be!