Staying Safe When Your Home is Flooded

Water damage can strike at any time, whether it’s from storms, flooding, or broken pipes in your home. When your belongings are at risk, it’s important to remember these safety tips and to call for expert help. The Dry Guys offer professional water damage services to help you recover from any type of water damage.

Water damage can have serious, long-lasting effects. Residual dampness can lead to a host of other issues, and cost you thousands in upholstery, flooring, and home repair. Standing water in your home can also be a safety and health risk, so it’s recommended that you follow these basic guidelines when dealing with water damage and call The Dry Guys (262-605-1290) to thoroughly dry out your home.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Home Flooding


  • Vacate children and pets from the area.
  • Locate where the water is coming from and try to stem the flow. If there is a broken pipe, turn off the pipe’s water supply or cut off water from the entire house.
  • Try to remove documents or precious items if the water is safe (uncontaminated) and has not reached the height of wall outlets or plugs.
  • Prepare to vacate the premises if necessary. Call friends or family, pack clothing, and book a hotel room for a few nights.
  • Call a reliable water remediation expert. Even if you think you can handle the issue on your own, it advisable to get a professional opinion.


  • Enter the water if you believe it is from a contaminated source. This includes floodwater.
  • Mess with any electrical cords, plugs, or outlets that have been touched by the water. Water conducts electricity, and you could be risking your life.
  • Assume the water will just dry up on its own. Even if you do manage to dry out your belongings, there’s still the risk of mold, mildew, and other contaminants.
  • Avoid calling water remediation professionals. You will cut more losses if you just call an expert to assess the damage. The Dry Guys can give you a realistic outlook on the damage, an estimate to clean up your home, and the qualified help you need.

While you might feel tempted to skip a water damage remediation assessment altogether, it would be better for you if you didn’t. If you don’t get water out of your home quickly, issues will be more difficult and more expensive to fix.

You could end up having to replace entire carpets, floors, and items of furniture due to mildew and mold, and the risk of a respiratory problem is increased in homes which have been flooded and had no remediation done.