Storm Water Remediation is the Solution to Excessive April Showers

Spring showers can be beneficial to the flowers growing outside, but they can also cause flooding problems if you live near a flood plain. Unexpected storms may result in flash flooding, raising the water table and allowing water to seep into your basement.

When you experience large amounts of rainfall and your property floods, you’ll have several inches of water or more inside your basement or even the ground level of your home. Floodwater can cause visible and invisible damage that should be dealt with as soon as you possibly can.

If you live in an area that’s vulnerable to flash floods, you may need an emergency water damage remediation service. The Dry Guys are experts in water remediation and we are the perfect professionals to help you get that water out of your house. 

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Water Remediation

You may be wondering, “But why can’t I do it myself? Can’t things just dry naturally?” You may want to consult professionals for several reasons:

  1. Once you get floodwater in your home, you, your home and your family could be at risk for several hazards. Depending on where the floodwater came from, it may contain dangerous bacteria, putting you and your family at increased risk for bacterial illnesses.
  2. Even after the water has receded or been removed from your home, the structure must be properly and completely dried to prevent future development of mold. Water remediation experts can check for mold growth, which is even more important in homes that flood periodically.
  3. Your possessions may not  simply “just dry out.” The key to salvaging carpet, upholstery, and other affected items in your home is drying them as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage.
  4. Does your homeowner’s insurance include flood damage? It is always better to find out ahead of time, rather than during an emergency. Even if you do have flood insurance, you have the right to choose your restoration professional.

If you don’t call in a professional that has the right equipment to remove all traces of water, you could be dealing with the long-lasting effects of that “April shower.” Don’t leave your home vulnerable to the aftereffects of that flooding. Call the experts in professional water remediation and take advantage of everything The Dry Guys can offer.