When April Showers Mean Water Damage to Your Home

When spring flooding strikes, water can cause significant dismay and damage. Getting your home clean, dry, and livable again is a priority. The Dry Guys can provide knowledgeable, professional aid to help you through this difficult time, restoring your home to its former condition and helping you get back to normal with water remediation services.

Flood remediation isn’t something that can be handled by the homeowner and their friends or family. There’s just too much at stake, and specialized equipment required to safely dry out your home without leaving a high risk of mold is a must. It can be hard to let someone else come into your home and take over, but when you’ve been the victim of flooding, a company that specializes in water damage control and restoration can give you peace of mind and the knowledge that the job is being done correctly.


The first step after a flooding incident is to evaluate the damage and dangers. A bathtub overflow or waterbed mishap is different than a flash flood, which can bring toxins and bacteria into your home from flooded sewers and runoff waters. The Dry Guys can provide a complete and efficient inspection that will assess the damage done, the steps that should be taken for remediation, and the costs associated (which will be presented to your insurance company.)

Clean Up.

If the situation is stable, cleanup will then begin. If there is no serious contamination requiring carpets, flooring, and drywall to be removed, the first step is generally water extraction. Specialized equipment can remove most of the water, and industrial fans with heating capabilities are also brought in to quickly and effectively dry out your home. The Dry Guys will check repeatedly during the process to make sure there are no health hazards, and that no rot or mold begins to take hold.

Move Back In.

You may have to find other accommodations during the restoration process, but The Dry Guys will ensure that your time away from home will be as short as possible! They will update you regularly on the progress of the water remediation, and help you return to your home as soon as possible.

Dealing with water damage in your home can seem overwhelming. An experienced, reputable flood restoration company can provide a return to normalcy as quickly as possible and be there for you if complications like mold later arise. Make the right choice and call The Dry Guys if your home experiences flooding from spring rains, thaws, or other water-related disasters.