Wisconsin Cold Snaps Mean Burst Pipes and Water Damage

Before winter arrives, it’s always smart to do a quick check to ensure your pipes are safe from freezing and bursting – but even when you take precautions against freezing and employ every safeguard you can think of, a fast, deep freeze can break through your careful defenses and suddenly you’ve got freezing cold water everywhere.

Knowing what to do if you find yourself with burst pipes from freezing winter weather can be the key to a swift cleanup and recovery, and taking the right steps to mitigate damage can save you thousands of dollars.

In case of a frozen, burst pipe, take the following steps:

Stop the water flow

Water streaming from the broken pipe needs to be shut off as quickly as possible. Knowing the layout of your house’s pipes and where the shut-off valves are will help. At bare minimum, you can use the main house shut-off and simply cut water to the entire house while you investigate if the cause of the leak is not immediately apparent.

Ensure everyone’s safety

If water levels in a basement are high enough to reach the level of electrical outlets, there is danger. Don’t flick any light switches. Get everyone well away from the area. Call The Dry Guys (you can reach us 24/7 for flood and water damage related emergencies.)

Evaluate the leaking water

Usually, a burst pipe carries clean, or potable, water. However, there is always a chance that an outflow pipe got clogged and burst. If the water is contaminated with sewage, you will need to evacuate until the cleanup is done – water and air-borne pathogens from contaminated water can cause severe illness.

Call your insurance company

The Dry Guys will work with your insurance to get the mess left by a burst water pipe cleaned up quickly and correctly, to restore your home to normal. Our water damage remediation equipment is designed to get excess water out of your home, so we can clean up your carpets, floors, area rugs, and even upholstery if needed.

A frozen, burst water pipe doesn’t have to be a catastrophe. You can minimize any possible damage by attempting to prevent such events, and by quickly calling the right water damage specialists if an event occurs.