Does the Basement of your Wisconsin Home Have Hidden Mold?

When you live in the Milwaukee area, mold can be a concern. Many houses have basements, and this is the prime location for mold damage!

How can you tell if your basement has hidden mold? If you recently bought your home, a check for mold should have been done, but if it’s been a while and you aren’t sure, here are a few reasons to have a mold check done.

  • Damp. Even slight constant moisture can make a perfect breeding ground for mold. If you notice the walls of your basement are continually damp to the touch, you need to be watching out for mold.
  • Leaks. If you have a leak, especially one behind a wall, the area you can’t see should be inspected carefully for mold while you have the wall torn up fixing the leak.
  • ŸFlooding. If you have ever had a basement flood, and it wasn’t handled properly, odds are that mold started growing before it got completely cleaned up and dry. A water damage cleanup crew can check for mold while they are assessing the damage.

You may be able to detect mold by smelling it – if your basement has a musty smell, you could be breathing in mold spores. Look for signs of mold in common places like near pipes, near cracks in the foundation, around toilets and in laundry rooms. Black or white spots on wood or drywall are another red flag!

Common Questions about Mold

Why would mold be a problem?

Mold can cause a variety of problems, from hastening the decay of building materials to releasing spores which can be problematic for those with asthma or allergies. Some types of mold are even highly toxic!

What to do if you think you find mold:

If you think you have mold, or can actually see mold, don’t disturb it until you know what kind it is. You can call a mold remediation company like “the dry guys” to learn more. We may decide it’s safest for us to come in and check out the mold ourselves, and we’ll be able to lay out a plan for getting rid of the basement mold.

You can prevent future mold growth!

Insulating and moisture proofing your basement can cut down on the risk of mold damage. You can also reduce mold growth by wiping down at-risk areas with a mild water and detergent solution, and drying thoroughly.

Don’t let mold make your home unlivable!
Call “the dry guys” at 262-605-1290 if you have mold or are at risk for unseen mold, and ensure the safety of your home and your family.