Four Winter Mold Prevention Tips

The “mold problem” is one that plagues many homes, from the hot humidity of the south to the damp, cold winters of the north. While we can thank mold for the wonder that is penicillin and the deliciousness that is certain kinds of cheese, mold in the home is to be guarded against and eradicated when found.

Mold Growth – Know What to Look For

Mold can be composed of small black or white dots, gray, green, yellow, or blue fuzz, orange rubbery looking growths, and more. You’ll often notice a sulfuric or musty smell in an area harboring mold. Looking at images of mold types can help you identify mold even in small quantities, and can come in handy when you start poking around near pipes and bathroom or laundry room vents, behind drywall, or above ceiling tiles. Not sure what to look for? Ask The Dry Guys for help.

Do Some Renovation to Mold Prone Areas

You can’t “mold-proof” your home, but you can make it “mold-resistant” These problem areas can be adapted or repaired to mitigate mold growth, checked frequently, and dried out or treated if necessary on a regular schedule.

  • Attics that leak should be taken care of as soon as possible- the more moisture from rain, sleet, or snow that enters, the harder it is to dry out. Patch the roof or reseal windows or vents.
  • Basements that flood should also be subject to an evaluation and a plan made to either prevent flooding or quickly dry the basement when problems occur.
  • Gutters and downspouts that are damaged or clogged will allow water to drain against the home or even between the siding. Repair or replace if needed and always keep the gutters clean.
  • Pipes that are not insulated can seat, leak, and condense moisture, causing drips and dampening of surrounding areas which provide a terrific growth medium for mold. Wrap pipes and check frequently for leaks or drips.

Ventilate as Much as Possible

Laundry rooms, bathrooms and kitchens are all rooms that can grow mold quickly thanks to warm, humid air. Vent your dryer to the outside of the home, make sure your hood fan does the same in the kitchen, and install ventilation fans in all bathrooms. Funneling moisture rich warm air to the exterior of your home can be one of the best options for cutting down on mold friendly surfaces. A dehumidifier is also a good idea in seasons when damp is a problem.

If mold does invade your home, The Dry Guys can help – our mold remediation teams are always ready to hunt down and get rid of mold.