Mold Awareness – Do You Know What to Look For?

Perhaps one of the most insidious threats to a home is mold. Sadly, most homeowners don’t know where to look or what to look for – or even why household mold can be such a hazard.

A few facts about mold:

  • Mold can grow on almost any surface. All it needs is adequate food and a moisture source.
  • Mold can cause allergic reactions, illness, and respiratory problems in children, adults and pets.
  • Most mold smells, which can serve as an early warning. However, many people dismiss this tip-off that they have mold in their home.
  • Mold can be surface treated with household products, but in many cases it will have spread deeper than the surface. Mold remediation experts like “the dry guys” can help.

Every homeowner should be capable of spotting mold in their basement, attic, laundry room or bathroom. These are the most common areas for mold, since they often have places where moisture is generated and can gather.

A musty, damp smell is one of the prime indicators that there is mold present. Locate the area of the home where the smell is worst, and look for the nearest source of water. A dripping faucet or slow leaking pipe may be the culprit, or it could be simple condensation.

Look near the air conditioner unit, the washer and dryer, refrigerator / freezer, humidifier / dehumidifier, or vents to the exterior of the home. Areas that flood are at particular risk. Check ductwork, under carpets, and above ceiling tiles. Mold can come in many different colors, so be alert for purple, green, orange, black, gray or brown.

If you, a family member or a pet is asthmatic, you may need to vacate while mold remediation is ongoing. Mold spores can worsen asthma or other breathing problems. If you find what appears to be mold, or suspect mold is present, be sure to call “the dry guys” at once for mold identification and remediation service.

Mold Awareness – Do You Know What to Look For? The Dry Guys Can Help!