Mold Prevention in Wintertime

Wet cold winter months can quickly lead to mold in a variety of places inside your Kenosha home. In most cases, mold is found lurking near sources of water where it can easily grow and reproduce. If not cleared away, mold can compromise the surface on which it is growing, causing it to break down. In addition, large mold spore numbers can be hazardous to your health.

Mold spores can be killed, but dry spores detached during the cleaning process can float in the air and cause breathing difficulty. Some surfaces can be difficult to completely clean without the help of a professional. “The dry guysprofessional mold remediation services can help eliminate the mold in your home safely.

Mold Prevention Techniques

Of course, the best way to keep mold away is by practicing mold prevention. Start with general home and building maintenance, to reduce the chances of mold finding a suitable breeding ground:

  • Keep your house clean. This means wiping down surfaces, mopping floors, cleaning walls regularly.
  • Encourage good air circulation. An exhaust fan can help in humid areas, or you can open a window when showering, cooking, or washing the dishes or clothing.
  • Turn off water when indicated. You can prevent mold and water damage by turning off the supply to broken or unused pipes or appliances.
  • Check for seepage. Replacing broken or cracked mortar in damp basements can reduce the chances of mold
  • Use moisture-barrier materials over the soil in any crawl spaces, and in attics over untreated wood. Use a fan to blow out humid air from under the building or to vent attic spaces.
  • Cover damaged roof areas instantly with a tarp or tent to help protect your home from the elements.
  • Insulate pipes. When freezing temperatures are in the forecast, wrap or cover inside and outdoor pipes to ensure they will not crack and/or burst.
  • Check seals on the windows and doors. These should be firm, leave no gaps, and keep moist air from entering.
  • Clean and repair roof gutters if needed – overflowing gutters can cause water to drip down the sides of the house and cause damage and mold.

After heavy rains or flooding, always call in a mold remediation service like “the dry guys” to help in the cleaning and disinfecting of your home. You don’t want the toxins and spores mold can release making you or your family sick.

Open up windows if the air outside is less humid than the air inside, or double team with a humidifier to whisk away moisture and a fan, heater or air conditioner to circulate the air. Don’t let mold gain a foothold in your home. Use these mold prevention tips and call remediation teams in if things get out of control.