Have Mold? Don’t Worry – Mold Removal or Remediation Can Help

For many homeowners, mold damage can be a serious concern. If you have mold in your home, and don’t know it, it can spread rapidly and cause damage to your home and your health. Some molds are even significantly dangerous, such as the well-publicized and dreaded “black mold”, so while finding such mold is rare, you should still be regularly checking for it and all other signs of mold. Mold removal is possible, so don’t panic if you do find mold – just call “the dry guys”!

If you have recently bought a home, the inspection process should have included checking for signs of mold. If it was clean at the time of purchase, that doesn’t mean mold can’t sneak in! You should be regularly investigating any areas of our home that might be prone to mold outbreaks – including anywhere that there is extreme damp and humidity.

Look for signs of mold in the following places:

  • Your basement and attic
  • Near pipes
  • Around toilets and showers or bathtubs
  • Near appliances such as freezers, refrigerators or washing machines
  • Anywhere there is a crack in your foundation

Be on the watch for a musty smell, especially in basements or crawl spaces. This means you need to get a face mask on and look hard to discover the source of the mold spores. If you see small black or white spots on wood or drywall, it’s probably mold. If you notice a strong urine smell and there are white patches on drywall, the mold may be one of the more toxic kinds, so call “the dry guys” immediately if you find these red flags!

Of course you want to get rid of the mold, but mold remediation isn’t as simple as just using bleach and a scrub brush. If the mold is toxic, you don’t want to be exposed. A professional is the right person for the job if you are in fear that you have dangerous mold.

Usually mold removal is a relatively simple job; however in cases of toxic mold you may need to vacate your home for a few days and let the professional mold remediation team take care of things. “The dry guys” can give you a clear picture of what kind of mold you have, what steps to take to remove, it, and if the mold is bad enough that you need to go camp out at a relative house for a couple of days.

You can help to prevent future mold outbreaks and avoid the need for repeated mold removal by using a mild water and detergent solution to wipe down problem areas at regular intervals. You can also try to reduce damp and humidity by using bathroom vent fans, dehumidifiers and other methods to cut down on damp in at-risk areas.

Don’t be too upset if you find mold in your Wisconsin home; mold removal experts like “the dry guys” are ready and waiting to help you right away!

Have Mold? – Mold Removal or Remediation from The Dry Guys Can Help