Stop mold before it starts: Ventilation tips for your home

The way to control mold growth is to control moisture. Inadequate ventilation means increased moisture in your home – and the perfect opportunity for mold! By following these five tips from “the dry guys”, you can increase ventilation and decrease mold in your home; making your house safer and healthier.

1. Start with looking for leaks. Find anywhere that moisture is leaking into your home – from leaky roofs to plumbing fixtures. Check out your heating and air conditioning systems to see if you have water seeping into concrete slabs or basement walls. Basements that always feel damp may need the installation of a sump pump or dehumidifier.

2. Next, increase air circulation. Fresh dry air from outside is great when it’s humid or raining and you need a way to circulate warm dry air along the inside of exterior walls. Keep furniture a few inches from walls, and invest in fans. Ceiling and propeller or box fans work fine for common areas and bedrooms, while your bathrooms and laundry rooms should all have exhaust fans.

3. Seal up your home to prevent air leaks from the outside. Windows, doors, and wall cracks should be caulked, and basement floors sealed. Check your attic if you have one, install ventilation fans that let air travel only from the inside to the outside, and lock your home down tight so moist outdoor air and mold and mildew spores can’t gain access.

4. Use that AC, even if it’s just for a few hours in the early afternoon. The cool, dry air will help chase away moisture, and keep the interior of your home from becoming a warm, damp, growth paradise. Have someone come in and check your system to ensure it is the right size and that the airflow is correct. If it doesn’t have a built-in humidifier and dehumidifier controls, look into having an HVAC contractor come in and install them as an add-on. Indoor humidity levels should ideally stay between 30% and 50%.

5. Finally, use common sense. If it is humid and hot outside, keep your doors and windows closed. If it is cool and dry, open up and give your home an airing out.

If you think you already have mold, don’t panic. Call a mold remediation company like The Dry Guys and we can help get rid of mold – after which you can follow the tips above to ensure it doesn’t return.

Ventilation tips for your home