Clean Tile and Grout – No Elbow Grease Required

Tile can take a lot more wear and tear than hardwood, which requires a bit more attention than most flooring options. However, that doesn’t mean that tile doesn’t need some TLC from time to time! Tile flooring, especially when it’s lighter in color, will pick up stains. These stains can settle into the grout lines, or even sit in the pores of the tile itself.

Stain-heavy places can include kitchens, bathrooms, and walkways. These areas receive heavy traffic and are popular locations for spills. Overturned bowls, muddy feet, and humid bathrooms are some of the worst contributors to tile stains. However, you don’t have to pick up the scrub brush just yet. There are other ways to solve tile and grout stains, and they don’t require old toothbrushes.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Options

Your first option is to replace the tile entirely. Expensive and time-consuming, this isn’t the first option you should decide on. Replacing tile floors requires enlisting outside help, buying materials, and barring off your kitchen and bathroom until the job is finished. Unless the tile is extremely deteriorated, this may not be the wisest option at your disposal.

A better, more cost-efficient option is to give the tile a deep clean. This doesn’t mean hiring a maid service or getting out the mop, however. The Dry Guys are specialists when it comes to lifting stains from tile floors, and they can give your floor the makeover it needs. With special equipment, cleaners, and handlers, they can have your floor spotless by the end of the session.

Once your floor is cleaned, look into having it re-sealed. Sealing your floors can protect the porous surfaces from picking up more stains and lengthen the time in between professional cleans. Annual, professional cleans can keep your floors sparkling, and a simple broom and mop should tide you over in the meantime.

Between cleanings, consider going over your floor with a weak mix of hot water and vinegar from time to time. This can help cut down on soap sum and lighten stains. Check by mop[ping a hidden area first to see if the mix changes grout color after it dries.

Don’t settle for dingy floors and grimy grout, call The Dry Guys in Wisconsin for a tile and grout cleaning consultation. We’re here to help, and you’d be surprised by how much better your floors will look afterward. It sure beats tearing up floors and replacing expensive tile every 5-10 years!