Clean Tile and Grout Will Make Your Home Look Great for the Holidays

If you are cleaning your house in preparation for the holidays and New Year, you may have noticed your tile and grout are looking a little dingy. The tiles may have lost their gleam, the grout may seem discolored and dull, and your entire kitchen floor can be affected by age and grime. Do you have to have a new floor put in – or is there a fast, effective way to restore your floors before guests arrive?

Tile & Grout Cleaning Can Make a Huge Difference!

Tile and grout cleaning can make your floors look new again, removing built-up soap deposits and embedded dirt, and recovering the shine of the original tile job. Calling The Dry Guys in to do a proper tile and grout cleaning job is the first step, and make sure you ask to have us seal the floors before we leave.

The main reason tile floors get so dirty looking is lack of sealer, allowing dirt, liquid, and cleaners to sink into the porous surfaces and stain, discolor, camouflage or mask the floor’s natural beauty.

Once your kitchen floor has been completely cleaned by the Dry Guys with our special PH balanced cleaner, thoroughly rinsed, dried, and completely sealed, you can look forward to keeping it looking great with these simple instructions:

  1. Mop your floor twice a week, even if it doesn’t look very dirty. Sweep daily on top of that, and run a dust mop on days you don’t wet mop.
  2. Any cleaner of your choice can be used for cleaning. The key is to rinse the floor to remove the soap residue left behind.

Use the two bucket method (one of diluted cleaner and one of fresh water & a 1/2 cup of white vinegar per 1 gallon of water), so you can rinse your mop repeatedly when mopping your floor.

  1. Once the floor is mopped completely, rinse your buckets and mop, wring the mop out, and repeat the process using two buckets of clean water.
  2. Dry your floor with a dry mop or a squeegee over a clean cloth.
  3. Have the Dry Guys come around at least twice a year to professionally clean and reseal your tile and grout.

We use a mild alkaline solution to preserve the correct PH balance, and a gentle tile cleaning tool that agitates the dirt off of the floor and out of grout lines with small brushes. A wet vacuum port sucks away the dirty water before the floor is rinsed, dried, and sealed.

You don’t have to replace your tile floor – have it restored by professionals instead. You’ll be proud of your home this holiday season and able to greet 2017 with a good start on home maintenance.