Dirty Tile and Grout? Call the Dry Guys

If you’ve ever gotten down and scrubbed a tile floor, you know that this can be downright unpleasant. In many cases, scrubbing and mopping might not even be enough to clean the floor fully. To save energy and frustration, many people have begun turning to professionals to handle their deep-cleans.

With the proper equipment, cleaning tile and restoring it to its former glory is possible. However, before we discuss best method to clean grout and tile, let’s go over why tile and grout are so difficult to clean in the first place.

The Issue With Tile Floors

While tile is hardy, versatile, and aesthetically appealing, it can be a pain to clean. Hardwood and carpet are more of a hassle, but that doesn’t mean tile is completely stress-free. For one, tile (and especially grout) are naturally porous. If you spill something on it, or spend a lot of time walking over it, it will begin to collect oil and dirt like a sponge.

Once the grime is ground into the tile and grout, it can be immensely difficult to remove. While sealants can help you avoid this issue, they can wear down over time and leave the tile defenseless again. Once this happens, you’ll need a deep clean before you can seal again.

Common Problem Areas

Funnily enough, the most common places for tile are also the most dangerous. Places like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and entryways aren’t great locations for hardwood or carpet, as water and humidity can cause rot and mildew.

However, while tile can withstand these conditions, they’re not immune to general wear and dirt. Kitchens are the sites of grease spatter, spills, and general messes. Bathrooms floors can collect soap residue, toilet and shower water, and dirt. Entryways are prime locations for dirt and snow to enter your home. To keep these areas clean, you have to figure out how to clean them properly. Luckily, there’s a better alternative to using your toothbrush and a mop.

Take It Easy – Try The Dry Guys

The Dry Guys are floor-cleaning specialists. With leading edge equipment, several tile floors take half the time as one. When you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub at the grout lines, the process becomes much easier. If your carpets, furniture, or rugs need some attention, we can handle that too. The best part is that we leave everything clean and dry, so you can begin enjoying your clean house immediately after we leave.