Do you Really Need New Tile Floors – or Could Cleaning the Grout do the Trick?

Tile floors look amazing and can last for a long time if properly maintained. Tile flooring can be expensive to buy and install, but tile and grout cleaning can make a world of difference and return your floor to a like-new appearance.

Some homeowners think that by putting tile down as a flooring choice, they eliminate the maintenance they associate with carpeted floors. However, there are times when a light refurb is in order to both enhance the look of your tile floor and extend its life.

Caring for and cleaning tile floors is a little more complicated than running a Swiffer across the surface now and again. Tile flooring is laid down using a cement like substance, and then the spaces in between the tiles are filled in using a material called “grout”. The grout is wet when it is applied, and dries and hardens into a tough finish.

If the floors are not properly cared for and cleaned, the grout can become discolored and dirty. Over time, improperly cared for grout may crack thanks to dirt, oil and moisture, and bits may fall out. This creates unsightly gaps into which debris (such as more dirt or food) can fall and become trapped. Missing grout can weaken the whole tile floor, allowing dirt and water to seep below the tiles and break the seal between them and the sub flooring. This can cause tiles to “pop” up, revealing sharp edges and ruining the look of the floor.

Even if you regularly clean your tile floors, you’ll probably notice the grout becoming darker over time. This happens because grout is porous, and can trap dirt. Also, any liquid spilled on a tile floor will often see the grout drinking it up thirstily, changing the color of the grout lines.

Many homeowners, when faced with a old and dirty looking tile floor, think they must have the entire floor replaced. However, with a good tile and grout cleaning, the floor could look as good as new. All it takes is a call to The Dry Guys, and your home in the Milwaukee, WI area could have sparkling floors once more.

How do we do it? First we apply a mild alkaline solution to loosen accumulated soil, grease, and contaminants. Then we use a gentle cleaning solution and a tile cleaning tool with rotary brushes to remove dirt and other substances from the floor. A vacuum port sucks all the dirty solution away, restoring your grout to beauty! Finally, we can add a sealer to your floor that will help prevent it from absorbing more dirt, dust and grease.

Don’t give up on your tile and spend thousands on a new floor unless you have to! Call The Dry Guys and find out if a grout and tile cleaning can restore your floor.