Don’t be a Square when it Comes to your Tile and Grout – Lay it all on the Line

There’s nothing quite as beautiful and functional as a newly laid tile floor. The tiles can create a grid-like pattern or a staggered one, designs can be laid out in the entry, kitchen or bathroom, wall tiles can be color coordinated and the grout was chosen carefully to contrast just right. You can choose from ceramic, porcelain, granite – the possibilities are limitless.

However… there’s nothing quite as ugly as neglected tile and grout. What was once a beautiful floor is now dingy and dirty, with grease, grime, and dirt ground into every porous inch. The designs which once caught the eye are obscured by a filmy coating, and the floor feels grimy underfoot. How can you restore your tile floor to its former glory?

Tile & Grout Cleaning Tips

  • Vinegar and water. This is a tried and true option; use half water and half vinegar sprayed on and left to set for five minutes – then a whole lot of elbow grease to scrub. The smell will linger for a few days or even a week, so be prepared.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. A paste can be applied to grout lines, allowed to sit for five minutes, and then scrubbed in with a toothbrush before rinsing with plain water. This option is less smelly and usually just as effective as vinegar.
  • Oxygen bleach. This is sold in powdered form in most stores, and the best-known brand is probably OxiClean. It has to sit for 5-10 minutes before being scrubbed and rinsed, so make sure the room is well ventilated as fumes may collect.
  • For old fashioned porcelain bathroom tile, bleach and baking soda can do the trick. Again, apply, let sit for five minutes, scrub off, and rinse well. Ventilate the room or you’ll get sick from fumes, and don’t forget to wear gloves.
  • If there’s stubborn grime or dirt stuck on grout lines, consider using a piece of rough sandpaper wrapped around a pencil to scrub it away. For white grout on counters, an eraser may lift away visible stains.

Still not satisfied? Call They Dry Guys for a professional tile and grout cleaning. We use a mild alkaline solution and rotary brushes to lift all of the accumulated dirt off the tile and out of the grout lines, leaving your flooring looking newer and fresher.

Don’t forget to ask for sealant to be applied – this will protect your grout from future stains if applied every 6-12 months (depending on foot traffic, location, humidity, and so on).

Your tile floor deserves a second chance, so do the right thing and call The Dry Guys for a refurbishing that will last. You’ll love the way your floor looks and how it feels underfoot when we are done.