Get Stained Tile and Grout Cleaned by the Pros

Why should you have your Kenosha or Racine tile floors professionally cleaned? There’s more than one answer to that questions – in fact, it can be answered by asking a few more questions:

  1. Who wants to spend hours on their hands and knees scrubbing at stains on tile and dirty grout with a toothbrush?  (No-one, that’s who.)
  2. Wouldn’t it better to have a professional come in with the right tools and solutions to lift away grime and stains? (Yes, it would.)
  3. Isn’t there a better solution than scrubbing tile floors all to have the work undone the next time your drop an egg or tip over a glass of wine? (Hint: it’s called sealant.)

While a hard surface flooring like a tile and grout design can add beauty and texture to your home, it’s not necessarily a “easier” option than carpet or hardwood. You’ll still have to clean your floors and have them professionally cleaned at intervals to maintain that fresh, new look.

Clean tile, dirty grout?

Even if you get down on your hands and knees with a scrub brush, bristles can only take away the stains on the surface. With porous grout criss-crossing your tile floors, all you may succeed in doing is bringing back the shine to your tile – and making the dirty grout stand out like a sore thumb.

Even if you find some sort of bleaching solution, you’ll find that stains return to your grout and tile as fast as you can scrub them away.

Time to call The Dry Guys

There is a much better way to give tile and grout back a like new look and preserve that sparkle and shine for months to come. The Dry Guys use a mild alkaline solution and a specialized tile cleaning tool to penetrate into tile and grout pores and loosen accumulated soil, grease, and contaminants. Rotary brushes gently scrub away stains and a vacuum sucks the dirty water away.

The floor is rinsed, dried, and then a sealer is applied to keep the surface protected and prevent future stains and discoloration. With regular floor cleaning and reapplication of sealant by The Dry Guys, your floors will look great for many years.

Don’t let your floors make your house look dingy. Call The Dry Guys for a tile and grout cleaning estimate today.