Is Your Home’s Tile and Grout in Need of a Cleaning?

If your home has tile floors, the perceived value of your house could hinge on how good they look. Tile is typically installed in several of the highest traffic rooms (such as the kitchen, bathroom, and entry) meaning the risk is high for severe stains and grime (snow, dirt, kitchen spills, bathroom grime, and more.)

Tile and grout are both porous, meaning that stains can easily set in. Even if your tile and grout were sealed when installed, sealant only lasts a year or two under the best of conditions. If your flooring tile looks dingy and ugly, should you rip it out and replace it?

There’s an alternative – call The Dry Guys. Spend a much lower percentage of your home maintenance budget on having your floor tile and grout professionally cleaned and sealed by professionals. You might be surprised at how close to new your floors can look when properly cared for.

Kitchen Tile and Grout Cleaning

The kitchen typically suffers from constant foot traffic as well as the all-too-common spills meaning this area may have dirt and grime tracked in from out of doors, as well as the occasional dropped egg, grease spatter, or busted ketchup packet. Keeping your tile and grout looking great is something The Dry Guys can help with.

Bathroom Tile and Grout Cleaning

All kinds of substances can live on your bathroom floors, including stains from toilet “misses”, spit from sick kids, accidents from locked in pets, and soap scum or toothpaste splotches. Having the bathroom tile and grout cleaned, sealed, and spotless can make visits to this all-important room much more pleasant, and cleanup fast and easy.

Entry Tile and Grout Cleaning

The foyer bears the brunt of tracked-in mud, snow, grit, and water. If your entry has taken on a dull shine of combined grime and dirt, consider having the entire area professionally cleaned and the grout lines restored for a beautiful entry to your home that makes a great impression on visitors – or future home buyers.

Bright, clean, attractive floor tile can significantly increase the value of a home, so consider this when you are seeking to update the look of your residence. Proper floor tile and grout cleaning by The Dry Guys team of professionals can completely change the look of a house, and make you proud of your home.