Raise the Value of your Kenosha, WI Home with Clean Tile and Grout

As the housing market slowly recovers, many Kenosha, WI, homeowners are once again indulging in a little home renovation. Kitchens and bathrooms are prime targets for remodeling – but you might be surprised to discover a quick, easy, inexpensive  way to improve the value of your home. This well kept secret is tile and grout cleaning, and it can eliminate the need to redo floors in these high traffic rooms.

Of course, bathrooms and kitchens aren’t the only areas of a home that may have tile flooring. Tile is often chosen as an alternative to carpeting for an entire residence because it is perceived as easier to care for. While dropping a glass of wine certainly doesn’t have the effect on tile that it would on carpeting or even a wood floor, tile and grout cleaning is still required on a regular basis to keep your flooring looking fresh and new.

Tile floors can suffer over the years, slowly turning dingy as the grooves between the tiles themselves begin to lose their original color. The grout used to fill these regular gaps between tiles is extremely porous, and can absorb dirt, grime and liquid spills. Since many floor professionals use grout that is several shades lighter than the tile, darkening and stains can become readily apparent over time.

Tiles themselves can also retain dirt and grime if they are textured in any way. Eventually, what was once a gleaming, polished surface starts looking old and dingy. Fortunately, you can return tile and grout to like-new condition with the help of a professional team from “the dry guys” – and you won’t believe the difference once the tile and grout cleaning is done.

A mild alkaline solution is used to loosen accumulated soil, grease, and contaminants. This cleaning solution is worked across the tile and grout with a tile cleaning tool that gently agitates dirt off the floor with rotary brushes. A vacuum port sucks away the dirtied solution leaving the floor looking like new again.  If desired, a sealer can be applied following the cleaning. This protects the grout from further stains, and prevents the porous surface from absorbing soil, liquids, grime and grease.

Don’t replace that tile floor – have it cleaned by professionals instead! When you count on “the dry guys” to restore the tile and grout in your Kenosha, WI, home, you can expect a thorough, gentle process that leaves your floors shining and your home looking like a million bucks.