Tile and Grout Cleaning – Cost Effective and Smart

Tile is an efficient, sturdy, and beautiful alternative to hardwood, and it’s easily one of the most accessible flooring options available. It’s simple, elegant, and just as easy to maintain carpet – easier in many cases. Your local carpet cleaner will often offer tile and grout cleaning services, giving your tile floor that “like new” look again.

Why Tile and Grout Cleaning is the Smart Thing to Do

A house with beautiful tilework has several advantages. Unlike hardwood floors, they won’t get scratched or scuffed; and unlike carpet, instant and irremediable staining isn’t as much of an issue – tile and grout may become dirty and discolored, but this can be easily remedied with the correct process from The Dry Guys.

Tile is commonly used in high traffic areas such as kitchen, bathrooms, and entryways. A kitchen sees tons of foot traffic every day. A spill from the saucepan, a dropped bowl, and spilled drinks are regular occurrences, and mopping without proper rinsing can cause soap scum to build up, which attracts more dust, dirt, and grime –  leading to a dull look.

Bathrooms are sometimes the messiest places in a home, and tile can suffer because of that as well. Stains from urine, vomit, and even hair dye can cause floors to lose their original color and shine. Mats, mopping, and regular cleanings can only do so much before protectant that may have been applied during installation wears off, and the floor shows seemingly-permanent stains.

The first thing to get dirty in a house with tile floors is the grout. Grout lines make it easy for liquids to run and spill along the length of the floor, spreading the mess everywhere. This can make cleanup exceptionally hard, and if your tile floors are unsealed, some of the stains may never leave the grout lines with a simple scrubbing.

If the tile is lightly colored, you may be looking at stains within the tile itself as well. Left unsealed, ceramic tile is apt to pick up various stains from spills and cleaning products alike. In cases where a mop-and-scrub may not do the job, some homeowners start to worry that they’ll have to start over entirely and will start pricing a whole new floor.

With a reliable contact like The Dry Guys, you can avoid tons of costs in repairs and replacements, and save your joints from many long afternoons of hard scrubbing. Correct cleaning followed by the application of a sealant will help protect the tile, and instruction on how to properly wash and rinse tile floors can prevent build up in the future.