Tile and Grout Cleaning – The Better Option

If you are buying a house with tile, or getting ready to sell one, the floors are one of the first places you look. If they seem sub-par, the value of the house is diminished. This is especially true with tile and grout floors, since they are typically installed in some of the highest traffic rooms in the house – with the most potential dirt, grime, and stain causing spills.

The kitchen is a prime example. The floor suffers from constant foot traffic, with dirt, grease, debris and other stuff being tracked in from out of doors! There are also the all-too-common spills – a dropped egg, grease spatter, wine… so many things can cause stains that may seem impossible to remove.

The bathroom is another place where tile and grout can become filthy, especially with kids and / or pets in the house! Toilet bowl “misses”, overflows caused by clogs, splashed soapy, dirty water from dog baths, vomit stains – the things that can happen to a bathroom floor are many, varied, and often disgusting.

It doesn’t help that tile and grout are both porous, and even if they are sealed when installed, the sealant can wear away. This allows stains to settle in and makes your flooring look terrible. Should you simply rip everything out and start over?

Flooring replacement can be expensive and time consuming, and you could save time, money and hassle by seeing if the tile and grout can simply be refurbished with a solid cleaning! Many homeowners don’t realize that even tile that looks unsalvageable could still be restored if it’s still firmly in place.

Answer? Call “the dry guys”! We offer simple, fast and effective tile and grout cleaning that could eliminate the need for a full remodel and leave your bathroom and kitchen flooring looking like new. Even the toughest stains can be teased out of the tile and grout, and their shine restored.

A shiny bathroom and kitchen significantly increase the value of a home, so consider this option whether you are buying, selling, or just seeking to update the look of your residence. Don’t forget to ask about our carpet cleaning services as well – it’s spring, and a full house cleaning could be just the thing to make your home look amazing all year!