Tired of Dirty Tile and Grout? It may be Time for a Flooring Makeover.

If your home’s floors are looking dingy or dilapidated, the first instinct may be to go for a full remodel. However, in the case of older tile and grout floors, you may be able to refurbish your flooring and enhance the value of your home without a heavy investment.

There are several kinds of tile used in homes; the most common are porcelain and ceramic. Porcelain tiles are glossy, more apt to chip and leave sharp edges, and can be extremely slippery when wet, so most porcelain tile is seen on back splashes.

For floors, ceramic tiling is more common. Tile can appear as if covered with a layer of dirty film over time – this is because most ceramic tile is textured for stable footing, and dirt and grease works its way into the contours. Less than thorough rinsing after cleaning allows deposits of chemicals and soap to also build up, leaving formerly shining tile looking weathered and grimy.

Even worse is what can happen to grout lines – most grout is extremely porous, and if not sealed (or if the sealant wears off), then grease, grime, dirt and debris can lodge in the tiny holes and severely discolor the grout or cause it to crack out.

How do you fix dirty, dingy tile and grout?

If tiles and grout are cracked or broken, repair or replacement are the only options. If the tile and grout colors and styles are common, it may be possible to replace small sections that are damaged; however, if the tile is old, matching may be hard to do and a complete renovation may be in order.

If the tiles and grout are merely stained and dirty, a call to “the dry guys” can quickly turn a tired looking floor into a sparkling one. A professional tile and grout cleaning followed by sealing of the clean grout will last for 1-2 years or more, depending on the amount of traffic in the room.

Once the floor is clean and sealed, there are several things you can do to extend the time period between visits from “the dry guys”. Keeping the floor clean using the proper materials and methods is key.

A 2 step mop process is suggested:

  • First, use a mop & bucket to clean the floor thoroughly (you can use the cleaning product of your choice; something approved for tile floors and grout is recommended.)
  • Next, use a fresh mop and bucket to rinse the floor (mix a solution using 1 cup of white vinegar to 1 gallon of water to eliminate soap scum.)

This two-step method of floor cleaning will assist in removing the dirty soil from within the grout, and remove the residue from the cleaner used. If you mop at least once every week or so (depending again on the amount of traffic across the floors) you will only need to call “the dry guys” when your sealant begins to wear off and staining becomes a problem once again.

Call “the dry guys” and ask about our tile and grout cleaning methods. We can take your shabby looking floors and revitalize them, making your flooring sparkle and improving the looks, value, and enjoyment of your home.