Winter Weather and Mud – Spot Cleaning for all Floor Types

It’s that time of year – cold, windy and wet. Whether it’s slushy snow or dirty ice, the ground outside is full of stuff that clings to shoes, boots and paws, making its way into your Kenosha home. How do you weather the winter storms with your flooring intact? Here are some tried and true tips from “the dry guys” for getting through snow and sleet season!

Grease and grit, dirt and debris can work its way into carpet fibers, get ground into area rugs and find its way into every chink and crevice of tile grout or hardwood boards. Knowing how to minimize damage and spot clean trouble spots can help save your floors!

Step One: Prevention. If you don’t have a mudroom, invest in a rug to put by the most used entrances to your home, and a shelf or rack for shoes and boots. Taking off footwear upon entry is the best way to cut down on tracked in dirt!

Step Two: Curtail your pets. Close up the doggie door for a while and hand-walk your dog; then wipe their paws when you come back in. If you absolutely must use the dog door, consider setting up a pen around it on the inside of your house, and covering the floor inside the pen with an inexpensive piece of carpeting or a rug.

Step Three: Have a spot cleaning kit on standby for carpets. A spray bottle full of mixed water and vinegar and a pile of old, clean, white cotton towels or rags can provide a way for you to quickly clean up accidental messes caused by someone forgetting to take off their shoes or an animal getting past you out the door and back in again.

Step Four: For hardwood floors and tile, consider area rugs over high traffic areas if possible; if not, take the extra time each day to run a small mop or Swiffer like tool over the floor. If you see mud tracked in, try to get it up while it is still wet and use a toothbrush to scrub at any grout to lift out debris and prevent staining.

Step Five: Call “the dry guys” as soon as the worst of winter is over. We can help get rid of any lingering traces the weather might have left on your floors. With proper bi-annual carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and area rug cleaning, we’ll have your flooring looking as good as new in no time.