A Castle Deserves Upholstered Furniture that Looks Like New

One thing that makes your Wisconsin home a castle is its furnishings – but, like anything else that gets a lot of use, they constantly suffer wear and tear. To keep your upholstered pieces at their absolute best you need to combat the effects of the day-to-day accumulation of grime and dirt. After all, how can your home look like a castle if your furniture looks dingy?

It’s the little things that can cause the accumulation of grime and dirt. Pet owners are well familiar with the battle against pet dander, hairballs, dirt from animal paws, and the occasional unfortunate accident. Of course, humans also contribute to this wear and tear. Sweat, the natural oils of human skin, and the inevitable spilled food and drink also take their toll on your upholstery.

This is where The Dry Guys can help. Proper attention to mitigating the grime can vastly extend the life of your sofas, chairs, and other upholstered items in the same way that doing so for your carpets and rugs can.

Our techniques gently and effectively remove the day-to-day dirt using cutting-edge, high-tech processes that can rejuvenate your upholstered pieces. Proper maintenance using our services can extend the useful life of your furniture and keep your home looking (and smelling) like a proper castle.

Dry Foam Upholstery Cleaning

Just like the dry carpet cleaning HOST system we use, the Von Schrader system does not use soaps or detergents that can attract dirt. The dry foam cleaning approach ensures that no liquid ever touches the fabric of your furniture, avoiding possible discoloration or staining.

We apply the Von Schrader foam, give it a little time to separate the dirt from your upholstery, and then remove the foam. The process is pet and kid-safe, and your furniture isn’t out of commission for days. At the end of the process, your furniture is left looking fresh and new, ready for more months of use.

Don’t let the dirt and allergens of daily life make your furniture look dull and dingy. Call “the dry guys” today and ask about our safe, dry upholstery cleaning service. Your castle deserves it!