Don’t Buy a New Sofa…

Ask Your Carpet Extractors about Cleaning Your Upholstery Instead!

While you may be staying on top of your Milwaukee home carpet cleaning, there’s a good chance that you are overlooking something else in your home that needs attention on a regular basis.

If your sofa is looking shabby and dirty, you may think it’s time for a new one. Before you go and drop thousands of dollars or sign up for expensive financing for a new couch, why not find out if you can simply update your old one?

Over time, just as much dirt, grime and other debris can work its way into your upholstery as it can into your carpets. This leaves your sofa looking dirty and dingy, especially if it is light in color. Even leather sofas look worn and tired after a few years if not properly cleaned and maintained!

Fortunately, we have ways to clean your sofa and make it look as good as new, eliminating the need for furniture replacement. When you call “the dry guys”, simply ask about the Von Schrader Dry Foam Extraction System. Just like the dry carpet cleaning HOST system we use, the Von Schrader system  leaves upholstery dry so you can return to using it the very same day!

There’s no wet mess, no dirt-attracting soap or detergent used, and no liquid ever touches the fabric of your sofa. Instead, a gentle, soft, dry foam is applied, the dirt is separated from the fabric, and the dirtied dry foam is removed immediately. All of the upholstery cleaning materials are Green Seal Certified, so it’s completely pet and child safe!

Not sure your upholstered furniture can benefit from a good cleaning? Put it to the test. Try taking a white towel, dampening it only very slightly, and rubbing it across the sofa armrest. If the towel gets dirty, your sofa is dirty! You can also put a thin piece of black fabric over your vacuum hose attachment, and go over the seats. Flakes of pet dander, dead skin and other particles will show up clearly.

Don’t write off your old sofa too quickly. If you think an upholstery cleaning could possibly give your furniture a facelift, call “the dry guys”  in Kenosha, WI. Carpet cleaning experts make the best upholstery experts, and we can give you an in-home estimate for your sofa and other upholstered furniture. You could end up pleasantly surprised at how many more years you can get out of your couch!


Don’t Buy a New Sofa…Let The Dry Guys Help!