Don’t Let Upholstery Spots or Stains Ruin Your Furniture

It’s easy to forget how much grime our furniture collects, and many of us prefer to leave that information in the back of our brains. Between pets, children, and just regular use, our couches and armchairs can pick up quite a bit of dirt. Did you know that regular use can also cause sweat and dander buildup in the creases and fibers of your upholstery?

Even if you have strict policies about keeping the furniture clean, accidents inevitably happen. Ripped-open chip bags, spilled drinks, and food messes are common, especially when you frequently host guests or like to snack in front of the television.

However, sofas and armchairs are expensive, especially when you opt for nicer furniture. Between buying, transporting, and placing new furniture, you’ll have wasted both time and money replacing a dingy couch. Why spend thousands on new furniture when you can just spruce up the stuff you already own?

Rejuvenate Your Furniture

The Dry Guys specialize in breathing new life into old furniture. After a thorough clean, almost any couch can look (and smell) ten times better than before. Not only that, but with the Von Schrader Dry Foam Extraction System, your couches get clean and dry quickly with no risk of mildew growth.

There are a few ways to check if you need a cleaning. To see if your upholstery is grimy, wet a white cloth and wring it out. Once it’s damp, rub it along the back and arms of your couch. If the cloth comes away grimy, it might be time for a clean. Putting black cloth on the end of your vacuum hose can help you check for dander buildup. If you find white debris when you finish vacuuming the couch, it’s a sign that you have an excess amount of skin cells in your furniture.

To lengthen the time between cleanings, consider putting blankets or throws on your couches and chairs. Don’t let your pets or children sit on the couch unless there’s a blanket. Quilts and other blankets are easier to wash than entire couches, prevent outdoor dust and leaf debris from collecting on your furniture in the summer, and they make for great snuggle centers in the wintertime.

You don’t have to settle for unsightly, slightly smelly furniture. The Dry Guys can help with quality Wisconsin upholstery cleaning! Once you’ve established a cleaning schedule that works, you can enjoy a clean couch every day of the year.