Give Your Upholstery a Quick Clean Before the New Year

You are probably on a sensible cleaning schedule for your carpet (twice a year, like clockwork); but can the same be said of your upholstered furniture? Upholstery is prone to much of the same kinds of build-up as carpet – minus the foot traffic types of grime, and plus the skin and body oil types of grime.

There’s no reason to replace perfectly good furniture just because it looks a little dingy. A good cleaning from The Dry Guys can have your old living room suite looking amazing in no time. Spending 10% of the cost of the furniture each year is not unreasonable when you have high-end furniture you would like to keep for over 5 years.

How to Know if Your Upholstery Needs Cleaning

Not sure if your furniture can benefit from cleaning? Try this test on your upholstered furniture: rub a clean, white cotton towel over the armrests and neck-rest of the chair or sofa, and see if it comes away holding dirt or dust. Use a black piece of fabric rubber-banded around the nozzle of your vacuum attachment and pass it over several spots to check for pet dander or dust.

Whether your couch and loveseat or chair set are old or new, it can look better than ever with a careful cleaning using The Dry Guys’ Von Schrader system. This is a controlled cleaning that uses the least amount of water possible and is a great steam clean alternative for certain types of upholstery material. Other types may not be advisable to have cleaned in your home.

Common safety codes on upholstered pieces include “S” for solvent-based cleaning agents (meaning the piece must be taken away and cleaned offsite in a location with proper ventilation) or “W” for water-based cleaning agents. An “S” code can mean the upholstery will be prone to bleeding, watermarking or shrinking if water-based cleaning agents are used.

If you have Ethan Allen furniture that needs to be cleaned, they have their own manual with all of their materials and cleaning processes. The Dry Guys can also come in and test the fabric for safe cleaning. As well as give you an estimate on the cost and time frame for upholstery cleaning if needed.

Greet the New Year by giving your upholstered furniture a new lease on life. Call The Dry Guys to schedule an Upholstery Cleaning appointment today.