Goodbye Dirty Upholstery, Hello Clean Furniture

Like our carpets, curtains, and floors, furniture and upholstery can collect dirt and grime just as fast as everything else. From spilled drinks and food crumbs to pet dander, our furniture can amass an impressive collection of germs and dirt simply from everyday use. When it starts to feel a little too grimy for comfort, it may seem easier to buy new furniture than tease out the dirt yourself.

Rest assured that dropping a paycheck on a new sofa doesn’t have to be the case. With a visit from professionals and a thorough upholstery cleaning, your couch can feel just as clean as the day you bought it and smell that way too. As an added bonus, when you work with The Dry Guys, it will dry in an hour or two.

The Dry Guys Upholstery Cleaning Method

The Dry Guys use a highly specialized solution called the Von Schrader Dry Foam Extraction System. This process cleans your furniture without over-wetting or saturating, so you can sit on your couches and chairs the same day they’re cleaned. The process is even child and pet-safe!

In case you’re wondering if your furniture really needs cleaning, there are ways to check. For regular dirt and grime in the upholstery, just get a damp white towel and rub it over the arms and backs of your couch. If the cloth comes away brown or grey, it might be time to place a call.

As for things like pet dander, a vacuum test can help. Attach a black cloth to the end of your vacuum hose, and give your furniture a quick once-over. Particulates will stick to the cloth, and you can see what is clinging to your couch.

Baggy couch-covers are unattractive and never fit quite right, and no-one wants to sit on a couch that smells and feels old. A thorough cleaning can be much cheaper and more cost-efficient than buying a new set of furniture every few years, and there’s nothing quite like settling down on your sofa for an episode of a tv show or a well-deserved nap.

Don’t avoid using your furniture just because you’re afraid of getting it dirty! You can be surprised by how often you can clean your couch and have it looking good as new. With The Dry Guys, you can have a clean couch and sit on it too.