How Often Should You Have Upholstery Cleaned?

Keeping your floors, windows, and curtains clean is a regular part of housecleaning, but you should also be checking your upholstery for dirt, grime, and dander. Sofas, armchairs, and even padded seats can collect just as much grime as your floors and countertops, and this may cause your furniture to smell bad or feel unpleasant to the touch.

Every day, your couch may encounter messes. From spills, sweat, dirt, pet hair, and even skin flakes, a slow but relentless buildup can be unavoidable. A routine cleaning every six months is usually sufficient, but if you have constant visitors, children, or pets, a more frequent schedule may be necessary. A simple smell check can be a good way to tell if your furniture is dirty due to sweat and odorous substances, but that won’t always reveal all potential issues.

How to Know It’s Time to Clean Your Upholstery

If you’re unsure if you need to clean your furniture, here are a few ways you can check for dirt and dander:

  • The white glove test. This test doesn’t actually require a glove, but a white rag or paper towel might be necessary. Dampen the towel, and run it down the length of your couch, chair, or sofa. If it comes away grey or dingy, it may be time to call The Dry Guys for routine cleaning.
  • The vacuum test. This test can determine if your couch or sofa is collecting pet dander or hard-to-see debris. Simple rubber-band a black cloth to the end of your vacuum nozzle, and run it along the back and cushions of your couch while the vacuum is on. If you come away with white specks on the black fabric, you might need to place a call.

Upholstery cleaning doesn’t have to be hard, expensive, or risky. We use a completely safe, non-toxic method that leaves your furniture clean and smelling nice, without the use of heavy chemicals or excessive water. The Dry Guys process is also Green Sealed Certified, which means there won’t be excess fragrances, chemicals, or residue left in your furniture.

Your upholstery can be efficiently cleaned as often as every 6 months with this method, and you can ask for a quick tutorial on spot cleaning as well in case a spill or accident occurs between cleanings. Your furniture will last longer and look amazing if properly maintained, and there won’t be a need to replace or reupholster for years to come.