Pets and Furniture – Is Your Couch a Lost Cause?

Are your pets causing damage to your furniture? Do you see stains that make you think your only option is sofa replacement? Hold on – your couch might not be unsalvageable after all! Here are a few tips to keep you from having to replace your living room furniture due to pet damage.

  • For small accidents, you can use the same trusted methods recommended by The Dry Guys for pet-related accidents on the carpet – carefully remove any solids (don’t scrape or rub the upholstery), and blot wet spots with a clean white cotton towel.
  • Don’t be tempted to use any liquid to dilute stains – while this works well on carpeting, it can cause upholstery fabric to bleed.
  • For dirt, dander, and pet hair, use a handheld shop vac on your upholstery and follow up with a clean cotton cloth dampened just lightly in the same solution to remove odors. You can also use a regular vacuum with an upholstery attachment. Don’t press down hard or scrape the upholstery as this can cause fraying of the fabric.
  • Once or twice a year, have “the dry guys” come out and carefully clean your upholstery. We use the Von Schrader Dry Foam Extraction System to carefully and deeply clean your upholstery, leaving your couch clean and looking almost like new. The foam goes on, is gently worked into the fibers of the fabric, and is sucked out again. There is a short drying time required, which depends on how soiled the couch was and how deep cleaning was needed. This method is perfectly safe for use around your pets and your kids!

Of course, you can always attempt to train your pets to stay off the furniture. This can be easier if you provide them with furniture of their own – an old recliner makes a great spot for a few cats or a larger dog to hang out.

Alternately, consider protecting your furniture with a couch cover. These can be removed and washed as needed, and taken off for company when desired, and you can let your cat or dog curl up next to you without worrying about your upholstery.

A final tip for cats who like to sharpen their claws on the lower edges of your living room furniture – buy some finely ground white pepper and sprinkle it on the affected areas. Fluffy will get a whiff and steer clear – and the pepper won’t stain the fabric!

the dry guysclean area rugs and carpets as well as upholstery – give us a call!

Pets and Furniture – The Dry Guys Can Help