“The Dry Guys” Upholstery Spot Cleaning Guide

By now you certainly know who to call when your upholstery needs a complete cleaning (“the dry guys”) – but what do you do in between visits to keep your couch, chairs, and love seat looking like new?

Your upholstered furniture pieces are just one more set of items that needs to be attended to on a regular basis. Properly caring for your furniture extends its life, and keeps unsightly stains from setting in and ruining the look of your home décor.

Fortunately, a little know-how is the answer to most common household stains.

Start by vacuuming off the cushions regularly, or use a brush on a weekly basis to keep basic dirt, debris, and grime from building up. Keep pets off furniture when possible, or throw a washable blanket over pieces that pets regularly sit or lie on.

If a spill occurs, BEFORE you use ANY product on your fabric/Upholstery: Take a clean white towel with a small amount of the product you plan to use for the spill on the towel. In an inconspicuous area, hold the towel with the product on it in place for 3 minutes. You are testing to be sure you have no: bleed transfer, no water marks after it dries or distortion to the fibers of the fabric. If any of these occurs DO NOT PROCEED. Call “the dry guys”.

  • For red wine spills, first blot with paper toweling (don’t rub). If you have a spot kit from “the dry guys” you can use the spot remover on a clean white towel. Never put the liquid directly on the fabric/carpet. Put some spotter on the towel gently work the spot, then when you have removed the spot. Use the Host sponges (a small handful) on the spot & work the sponges with a clean white rag, gently work the sponges to remove any remaining color from the spill & the residue from the spot remover. Let stand about 5 minutes & vacuum away the sponges. Repeat if needed or call “the dry guys” .
  • For coffee stains, the process is a little different – coffee contains small particles which can work their way into the fabric, so use a shop vac to extract/suck out the liquid & particles from the fibers. Use your spot kit as stated above then rinse with warm water and blot dry.
  • For many stubborn stains, try dish detergent and warm water in equal measure, whipped up with a hand mixer or whisk. This “foam cleaner” can be used to carefully clean soiled spots, using a wet cloth to scrub gently at the stain. As always, blot with clean water and follow up with a clean white towel to soak up as much excess moisture as possible.

Still have spots? Time to call “the dry guys”. We have high tech, gentle, and effective ways to clean your upholstered pieces, leaving fabric clean and fresh smelling: with no residue that could irritate your family or your pets.

Don’t buy new furniture, or resign yourself to spots and stains. Call “the dry guys” today. Most spots and stains that are resistant to the above methods and tricks can still be removed with a thorough cleaning, so save your budget and avoid premature furniture replacement by extending the life of your existing pieces.

The Dry Guys Upholstery Spot Cleaning Guide