Upholstery Cleaning – When to Call the Experts

Maintaining the look of your house can be a challenge, but the regular cleaning of your flooring, carpet, and rugs is a great way to keep your house looking fantastic. You don’t have to stop there, though! Your upholstery contributes a lot to your home interior, so keeping it clean and spot-free can be just as important as regularly cleaning your floors and carpets.

Your sofa, recliners, and armchairs may comprise the whole of your living room set, or you could have a loveseat to add to the selection. Your dining room may have padded chairs as well, or an accent chair or window seat in the bedroom. All of these things are nice up until the point they get grimy or smelly, and then you may think it’s time for a replacement or reupholster job.

How Proper Cleaning Can Rejuvenate Upholstery

However, a proper, thorough cleaning could do the job of rejuvenating your upholstered furniture pieces. Professional upholstery cleaning by “the dry guys” can cut down on dirt, mites, and allergens such as pet dander and dust. The life of your furniture can be lengthened and improved with just a small investment.

Once a year is a reasonable schedule for your regular cleanings. However, if you have children or pets, you may find the fight against dirt and unpleasant smells to be a little more intense. These situations may call for a better battle plan, which can include frequent cleanings. 2-3 cleanings a year can keep smells, sweat, and dirt out of your upholstery, and make your living room much more welcoming to guests.

Determining if it’s time to place a call is simple. Take a white cotton towel and wipe down your couch– particularly the arms and seats. If the cloth comes away grey, it may be time to give your furniture a good cleaning.

Allergens can be harder to spot, but just as troublesome. To test for pet dander and dust, rubber-band a strip of black fabric to the end of your vacuum hose, and run the nozzle over the seats, arms, and backs of your chair or sofa. If white debris collects on the fabric, you know it’s time for a professional clean.

If you’re worried about wetness or mildew, you don’t need to fret any longer. “The dry guys” have technicians who can carefully clean your upholstery without leaving it wet in the aftermath. You can have fresh-smelling, clean furniture that is dry enough to sit on the same day.

With a Green Sealed Certified process, you can trust that there will be no chemical smell or residue that could irritate or harm your family members, pets, or visitors. If you’re looking for a clean, safe, and affordable way to refresh your beloved furniture, pick up the phone and call “the dry guys” today.