Ready for Fall? Get Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning from “The Dry Guys”

As fall approaches, everyone knows it’s time to get the house in order. School starts, sports begin, and your home is suddenly a whirlwind of activity, with dirty feet running in and out of your home.

Your carpets and furniture take the brunt of the grime. If you notice paths of dirt being trampled into your carpeting and stained spots showing up on your chairs and sofa, it’s time to call “the dry guys”. We can make your expensive furniture and floor coverings look clean and new, and give you some tips on how to keep them that way!

You should know by now that your carpet needs professional cleaning twice a year. We use the HOST dry carpet cleaning method, that leaves your carpets clean, fluffy, dry, and ready to walk on by the time we leave!

Our upholstery cleaning process is similar, cleaning your chairs and couches with the Von Schrader Dry Foam Extraction System, a high-tech, non-harmful and effective way to lift dirt, grime, sweat and skin cells off of furniture and restore the upholstery to like-new condition. This can be done annually or bi-annually.

Of course, the results only last until your teenage son invites his football team buddies over after practice. How can you keep your upholstery and carpet looking good in-between cleanings?

  1. Shoes off at the door. Simply making this a house rule cuts down the amount of dirt and debris tracked in form outdoors by up to 80%!
  2. Move your furniture a few inches one way or another. By just changing the path of foot traffic by those few inches, you prevent having tracks beaten into the carpet.
  3. Use protective measures to prevent staining of your furniture. Decorative cloths draped over the arms and headrest of chairs and a throw on the back of a sofa can stop sweaty necks and arms or grimy hands from soiling your clean upholstery. The cloths can be tossed in the washer at intervals.
  4. Spot clean as needed. Ask “the dry guys” about safe products to use on your carpet and furniture, so when that cola spills you have a kit ready and waiting for you to grab and spring into action. Treating spills correctly and quickly can prevent bad stains.

Give your carpet and upholstery a new lease on life! Call us to schedule your next routine cleaning, and save the tips to implement in between cleanings. Your house will thank you!

Ready for Fall? Get Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning