Tips for Dealing with Pet Related Floor Damage in the Home

Your four legged friends are like family. We get it. But sometimes, the odor and damage caused by pets can be hard to deal with! “the dry guys”  can help you keep your home looking and smelling fresher, even if you have multiple pets!

For carpet cleaning to be truly effective you need to be able to determine exactly how much damage your pets are causing and where the damage is located. This is easier than it sounds; “the dry guys”  will actually come into your home free of charge and perform a pet urine and odor inspection and report!

We will talk to you first, since you are the most likely to already know where possible problem areas and spots of heaviest contamination are, then bring in a black light and a moisture detector to confirm the affected areas. Once we have determined all the areas that need special treatment, a course of action can be determined. You’ll probably want us to go ahead and complete an initial cleaning and decontamination process.

We use our special HOST dry carpet cleaning system, followed by a special flush method on the problem spots to pull out urine crystals. (This sometimes makes the smell stronger for a short time, because the bacteria in the urine is reactivated, but this should go away within 8-10 hours.)

We are happy to make appointments to come by and clean up pet related carpet stains as needed… but if you don’t want to call us out every single time Spot or Fluffy has an accident, here are some tips:

A spot removal kit from “the dry guys”  plus a few common household items will provide everything you need to deal with pet stains and odors between carpet cleanings. It’s best to act immediately when you find out your pet has had an accident, to lessen the possibility of major damage.

  1. Scrape up excess solids, and blot wet spots with clean white paper or cotton towels. Don’t rub or scrub!
  2. Mix ¼ cup vinegar and ¼ cup water to create a odor neutralizing solution. Moisten another clean towel and dab the affected area, then blot with a dry towel. Repeat until you have removed as much of the stain as possible.
  3. Shake HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner onto the spill until covered, then brush it through the carpet in all directions. After brushing, pack the area with another handful of HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner
  4. Allow to dry completely (this may take overnight!) Then vacuum thoroughly.

Don’t let pets damage your home! Stay on top of things with regular cleanings and keep a HOST spot removal kit from “the dry guys” on hand for emergencies!