Summer Humidity and Mold

Summertime can be challenging due to the humidity in our climate, thanks to warm air and rapid mold growth. The best way to control mold is to control moisture – since inadequate ventilation means increased moisture increasing ventilation can decrease mold in your home.

Step one: Look for leaks

Anywhere that moisture is entering your home can be a starting point for mold:

  • Roof leaks
  • Leaking plumbing fixtures
  • Leaking air conditioning or HVAC system
  • Damp, humid basements due to seepage
  • Damp foundations due to seepage

Installing a sump pump or dehumidifier in chronically damp areas of your home can help reduce moisture and curtail the growth of mold.

Step two: Increase air circulation

Fresh, dry air that is moving can help prevent moisture from condensing and collecting.

  • Keep furniture a few inches away from walls or drapes
  • Invest in ceiling fans, or use oscillating floor fans to blow air around the room
  • Install exhaust fans in laundry rooms and bathrooms

Circulating the air can help dry it out and prevent walls from becoming damp and moldy

Step three: Seal up your home to prevent air leaks from the outside.

Look for drafty areas and identify where humid air may be leaking into your home.

  • Windows, doors and wall cracks should be caulked
  • Basement floors should be sealed
  • Check your attic and install ventilation fans that let air travel outward only
  • Refuse moist outdoor air – and mold and mildew spores that come with it – access to your home!

Step four: Use the AC if possible

Even if it’s just for a few hours in the early afternoon, AC use can help dry the air in your home.

  • The cool, dry air will help chase away moisture
  • Have your system checked to ensure it is the right size and that the airflow is correct
  • If there is no built-in humidifier and dehumidifier features, consider having them added

Indoor humidity levels should ideally stay between 30% and 50%, to prevent mold.

If it is humid and hot outside, you should keep your doors and windows closed. If it is cool and dry, consider giving your home a good airing. If you think you may have a mold issue, call The Dry Guys for a mold remediation consultation.