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Clean Tile and Grout – No Elbow Grease Required

Tile can take a lot more wear and tear than hardwood, which requires a bit more attention than most flooring options. However, that doesn’t mean that tile doesn’t need some TLC from time to time! Tile flooring, especially when it’s lighter in color, will pick up stains. These stains can settle into the grout lines, […]

Tips for Keeping Carpets Clean in High Traffic Areas

Your carpets are the heart of your home. When they’re dull, they can take away from the decor of a room. To avoid a dingy appearance, it’s important to keep your carpets clean and dirt-free. High-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms should be cleaned more often, while the carpet under your furniture doesn’t require […]

Finding and Recognizing Molds in Your Home

When left to fester, mold can cause respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues. It’s important to recognize mold growth in your home and stop it before it becomes a problem.  This guide will tell you where to find mold hot-spots in your home, and what frequently grows there. Mold can usually be eliminated with […]

When April Showers Mean Water Damage to Your Home

When spring flooding strikes, water can cause significant dismay and damage. Getting your home clean, dry, and livable again is a priority. The Dry Guys can provide knowledgeable, professional aid to help you through this difficult time, restoring your home to its former condition and helping you get back to normal with water remediation services. […]

Wisconsin Cold Snaps Mean Burst Pipes and Water Damage

Before winter arrives, it’s always smart to do a quick check to ensure your pipes are safe from freezing and bursting – but even when you take precautions against freezing and employ every safeguard you can think of, a fast, deep freeze can break through your careful defenses and suddenly you’ve got freezing cold water […]

Is Your Home’s Tile and Grout in Need of a Cleaning?

If your home has tile floors, the perceived value of your house could hinge on how good they look. Tile is typically installed in several of the highest traffic rooms (such as the kitchen, bathroom, and entry) meaning the risk is high for severe stains and grime (snow, dirt, kitchen spills, bathroom grime, and more.) […]