Carpet Cleaning

Tips for Keeping Carpets Clean in High Traffic Areas

Your carpets are the heart of your home. When they’re dull, they can take away from the decor of a room. To avoid a dingy appearance, it’s important to keep your carpets clean and dirt-free. High-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms should be cleaned more often, while the carpet under your furniture doesn’t require […]

Enjoy Your Fine Area Rugs for Years to Come

Oriental and similar area rugs are often heirlooms passed down through generations. Hopefully, you keep your area rugs in good condition and call The Dry Guys when cleaning is required. However, it’s not just dirt and grime that can cause damage to rugs; bugs, improper placement, storage, moving, sunlight, and even normal foot traffic can […]

Keeping Your Carpets Cleaner During Rain, Snow, and Mud Season

Winter is coming, and that means a number of things — whether you keep up with Westeros happenings or not.  Rain and mud will begin soon, and after that comes snow –  and while it can be beautiful, it can also be quite troublesome. Keeping Carpets Clean in All Weather Our houses are more likely to get […]

4 Steps to Preventing Costly Moth-Related Rug Damage

Aside from the common issues like dirt, dust, and stains, moths can also cause significant — and often irreparable — damage to your area rugs. While they may seem like the most harmless of insects, moths can insidiously ruin your area rugs and then wreak havoc on your wardrobe too. Whether you’re protecting an expensive […]

How Carpet Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

As modern homes become “tighter” and more insulated, it also becomes more difficult to encourage air-flow between the outside and indoors. While this keeps the house warm during the wintertime, it can also make it hard to air out the house. While opening windows and turning on fans can help with regular air circulation, it […]

Rug Accident? You Can Save Your Heirloom Rug

Area rugs are one of the most costly items people indulge in while decorating a home. They are also handed down through generations as prized possessions, and seeing a bad spill or pet accident on the surface of a beautiful rug can be quite upsetting! Rugs see a lot of foot traffic and spills, especially […]

Protect your Kenosha Home’s Carpets from Mud, Rain and Snow

Shoes, boots, paws, jackets, coats, and sporting gear will bring in debris from outside your doors – and in winter that debris can be wet, dirty, and apt to leave a mark on your pristine home. If your carpet sees a lot of foot traffic, especially from outside, you may be looking at dingy fibers […]

Pet have an Accident? Call The Dry Guys

When your beloved pet has an accident on a beloved area rug, your initial reaction can be dismay – but there is plenty of hope for your rug yet, and The Dry Guys will help. If your dog, cat, hamster, or iguana has accidentally used your area rug for purposes, uhmm, “incompatible” with its design, […]